Industrial equipment

Vacuum system deposition has become an integral production part of many industries.  By depositing a thin layer of various materials on different objects their quality and performance improves drastically.  Anti scratch and anticorrosive properties of the surfaces are of much demand in various industries while a wide range of color possibilities add to their popularity. Automotive and related industries, housing, health, medicine and decorative applications are where these equipment are becoming an important part of the production line. Since the thickness of the deposited material is only in nanometer range, material usage and its cost is at a minimum.   Another positive aspect of vacuum deposition is that the process is environmental friendly. Arc deposition has become a standard technique for industrial applications.  In this method an electrical arc sweeps the surface of a target, melting and evaporating the material and impinging it onto desired parts and objects. YNSaleh manufactures arc deposition systems with different capacities and features to suit various industries’ requirements.

ARC 2300

Arc deposition system 2300

This system is used to deposit steel sheet and pipes of 3 m long.  This is currently being used for decorative purposes.  The very large size of the vacuum chamber in conjunction with roots, rotary, and large diffusions pumps provides a very fast pump time for maximum throughput.

ARC 1600

Arc deposition system 1600

This system has been designed for decorative deposition of large number of ceramic tiles and metallic faucets and door knobs.  Plasma cleaning prior to deposition provides for excellent adhesion.  The system is designed to operate 24/7 without much maintenance.

ARC 800

Arc deposition system 800

This system is designed for ultra high quality layers for automotive and mechanical parts.  Deposited films are resistant to heat, scratch, corrosion and wear.

DS 1600

Sputtering system 1600

This system provides two very large planar magnetron deposition guns.  This system is used to deposit very high quality films of Cr, silver, and gold on various surfaces such as ceramics, glass, plastic and metals.