Research equipment

University laboratories working in solid-state physics, electronics and nanotechnology are in constant need of vacuum deposition systems.  Various deposition techniques are used in depositing high quality material for optical, electrical and mechanical purposes.  Thermal evaporation, ion beam evaporation, dc and rf sputtering are the most common techniques used.  YNSaleh offers three standard designs for research purposes.  We also design, fabricate and assemble user specified systems.


DC/RF Magnetron Sputtering, Thermal evaporation, Electron bean evaporation

OMEGA systems are produced in 10 different designs and based on user specification can have either or all deposition techniques of DC/RF magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation or electron beam evaporation.


DC/RF Sputtering and Thermal evaporation

This system is only used for sputtering and thermal evaporation.  It has a glass chamber and uses a turbo molecular pump instead of diffusion pump as its high vacuum source.


DC Magnetron sputtering

This system is used to deposit noble metals such as gold, silver, and Platinum.  It has only a rotary pump and can be used for SEM sample preparation.